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All Together: 4 Tips to Get the Fam on the Same Page When Moving

Moving is an exciting time. Your new residence is waiting for you and your things. It’s the next spot for your family’s memories. The first order of business is getting everyone on the same page and motivated. Does this sound impossible? It can be done. Read on for some ideas.

Family Meeting

Get the family together to talk about the process. Acknowledge that it’s going to be hard work, and that everyone’s help is needed. The amount of effort involved with moving can come as a shock, especially for kids. Tell them what their responsibilities will be. Keep your expectations age-appropriate. Wrap things up with encouragement, reminding everyone what they’re going to enjoy about the new place.

Write It Down

Use a chalkboard or whiteboard as a place to write down moving tasks. Everyone can cross them off as they are finished. Write down the name of each family member and list their responsibilities underneath. Letting each person cross off their completed task will give them a sense of accomplishment.

Your Realtor

Selling houses is a family-oriented business. Work with a realtor to make your life easier. The realtor helping you will be a source of information for things related to moving. Some companies, such as the Dee Evans Group, know that realtors can suggest movers or tell you where to buy moving supplies. Ask them how other families have pulled together to make moving more efficient.

Dine Out

While the packing and moving process is happening, it’s good to get out of the house. You’re likely to be too busy to cook, and your kitchen is in the process of being packed up. Have family meals at a restaurant. Use the time to check in with each other about how the process is going, or just have fun and forget about packing. It’s all up to how you and your family are feeling. If things are behind schedule at home, discuss it over pizza.

Reward Their Hard Work

Do a fun activity as a reward for helping with moving. You can do these together as a family, or more individually. You could reward a job well done by taking kids shopping for accessories for their new bedrooms, or out to do something they’ve wanted to do for a long time. Maybe it’s time to visit a water park or the zoo. Give them something to work toward.

Though moving is a big undertaking, you can motivate your family by giving them tasks, and celebrating together when they’re completed. Everyone’s efforts will get you in your new place, where you can look back on the teamwork involved and feel proud.

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