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Amusement Park Safety: 5 Tips Every Family Should Follow

Most families love to go to amusement parks. However, to prevent injury, there are some fundamental rules every family should follow. Here are five tips for safe family fun at amusement parks.

Instruct children before arriving at the amusement park.

Discuss the kinds of rides your children will see, how they work and which ones your children will go on. Give them ground rules for behavior. Let them know that fooling around on rides is a no-no. Explain to them that they must use the equipment that will keep them safe: lap bars, chains, shoulder harnesses, seat belts, etc. Tell them not stick their heads, arms and legs outside the ride.

Instruct children after arriving at the amusement park.

Once at the amusement park, read the rules to them and talk about them together to make sure they understand them. Watch a run of the ride with your child before getting on. Show them the operator before getting on the ride. Show them where the entrance and exit to the ride is. Once on the ride, listen to the instructions the ride operator gives. Explain to them that they should not try to get off the ride until it has come to a complete stop, the operator tells them to get off and they see other people getting off.

Anticipate the fear factor.

Explain to children that even if a ride frightens them while they’re on it, they should never try to get off until the ride has come to a complete stop. And adults should never force a frightened, crying or agitated child to get on a ride.

Follow height, weight and age requirements.

Neither children nor adults should ride if their weight, height or age exceeds the guidelines set for the ride. No one should get on a ride if they feel ill or if they are exhausted or if they have a known medical problem that the ride may aggravate.

Use common sense.

Tony Zuber & Paul Brioux remind us to never ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Even though clothes should be comfortable, they should not be too loose. Wear sensible shoes. If the ride looks poorly maintained or unsafe, don’t get on it. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated on a hot day. Take your medications as prescribed. Does the kiddie ride that you’re thinking about putting your unaccompanied child on look safe?

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