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Are You a New Parent? 4 Tips to Make Traveling with a Newborn Easier

A newborn can make even the most mundane tasks more difficult. You don’t have to put your life on hold just because you have a baby. Here are some tips to make traveling with a newborn a little easier.

Invest in a Good Diaper Bag

There are a variety of styles available when it comes to diaper bags. Some are designed to be worn sling style and others are more like a backpack. You may even see some people using a backpack as a diaper bag. Find one that has a lot of pockets and segmented areas. This will allow you to quickly find all of those baby must have items. Another thing to consider is whether the bag has a diaper changing pad. This can make it easier to change your baby while you’re traveling. You may be surprised to find that not all restaurants have a diaper changing station in their restrooms.

Plan Ahead

Many hotels are able to provide a crib and changing station if you call ahead. This will take one more worry off of your plate about where your baby is going to sleep. Some rental car companies have car seats available so you don’t have to pack yours on an airplane. In may be in your best interests to drive to your travel destination. Having a Subaru WRX or some other similar vehicle could make getting there a little easier. Driving would help with flexibility for frequent stops and not be as annoying for your other travelers.

Look Into Baby Wearing Solutions

Newborns like to be in close proximity to you. The best solution to assist in your travels may be to look into baby wearing options. There are a variety of styles that you can select. The traditional baby carrying system may not work for you. Slings and wraps are another option that you may want to consider. This can help your infant to feel comfortable even with all of the changes that are occurring. It will also lessen the amount of gear that you need to pack.

Consider Your Baby Gear

You don’t want to feel like a pack mule once you get to your destination. This means that you’ll need to carefully consider the amount of baby gear to pack. It may be tempting to think that you need to pack up a majority of the nursery when you head out the door. The only things that you’ll truly need are diapers, wipes, appropriate clothing, and a food source. You may want to bring a stroller that’s on the smaller side when you get tired of wearing your baby.

Following these tips can help to make traveling with your newborn more manageable. Take your time and try not to care about what others think.

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