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Are Your Children Ready to Move? How to Keep Them from Feeling Anxious

The idea of moving can be an emotional roller coaster for parents and kids. As a parent, you should display positivity and optimism in front of your children. If you show that you’re stressed out, frustrated or apprehensive about the move, your kids are more likely to be anxious about the upcoming change. There are several things you can do to calm your child’s fears and turn the move into a positive experience.

Be Honest

A lot of times, uncertainty generates anxiety. Your child may sense that a change is about to occur whenever you are in the beginning stages of planning a move. Telling them what’s going on and why you’re moving can relieve some imagined scenarios that could cause anxiety. Explain things according to their level of understanding so as not to overwhelm them. Answer their questions as honestly as you can.

Generate Excitement

If you’re moving to a nearby town, take a day trip there to show your kids around the new town. Do your homework so that you know where to find the fun places you know your children will love. If you’re moving too far away for a day trip to be an option, sit down with your child explore the new destination online. Point out highlights that will heighten your child’s curiosity and their eagerness to explore the area in person.

Reduce Stress

The more stressed you are, the more anxious your child will become. Basic tasks such as packing for the move can be stressful, if you attempt to do it alone. To lessen your stress level, utilize a moving company—such as Wheaton World Wide Moving—to assist you with all of the details ranging from packing, and leaving one home and arriving at the other.

Let Kids Help

Letting your kids help with the packing process can open up an opportunity for communication. This is a time when you should be very attentive what your child is saying when they talk about leaving that home and their friends and starting over in a new place. This is a good time for you to provide additional reassurance regarding the move. You might want to spark excitement by discussing how they want to decorate their new room. If they want to pack some favorite toys that feature the well-loved look, let them do so. Familiarity can help lessen anxiety.

As with many situations in life, the emotions your children see and sense from you influence their level of confidence, excitement or anxiety. Your honesty and positivity can help your child feel less anxious about moving to a new home.

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