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At Home or In a Home? Five Crucial Decisions You Have to Make with Aging Parents

If you have aging parents, then you know of some of the struggles they face on a daily basis in order to care for themselves. One of the decisions that you have to make as a child is whether to keep them in their home so that they can have that sense of independence while you still monitor them to make sure they are safe or to send them to a nursing facility.
There are a lot of decisions involved with aging parents. Here are a few to keep in mind.

No Longer Driving

When your parent has reached the age where they can no longer drive and get outside of the house without someone going to the home, then it is time to think about placing them in a nursing home. However, if your parent is still driving, you need to examine their driving skills to see if they should still be behind the wheel of a car. As your parent ages, the reflexes will deteriorate to the point where your parent won’t be able to brake as quickly or maneuver through traffic as easily.

Cleaning the House

If you find yourself going to the home of your parent just to sweep or wash dishes because it can no longer be done, then this might be a sign that they need to live in a facility. This is one of the last things that your parent will lose control over. As the parent ages, it will be harder to get up and down. The risk of falling while mopping or vacuuming increases as time goes by, and it becomes a safety issue for the parent to stay home alone.


Some elderly individuals know how to manage money, but there are many who forget how to balance a checkbook, or they will send two payments for the same bill. The mind will start to forget things that to you might seem basic. You can take the checkbook and make payments for your parent, but some individuals don’t adapt to this very well. In a nursing facility, your parent won’t have to worry about any bills at all as everything will be covered by insurance or a social security check.


This is a basic concept that some elderly people cannot grasp as they get older. They might need a walker or a cane, but if they start falling easily while walking or seem off balance, then this is when you need to step in and make the placement. It will be too late when the person falls and breaks a hip or another bone in the body.

Loss of Urinary Function

This is probably the one thing that will tell you that your parent needs to be in a nursing facility. You don’t want to leave your parent in their home if they have to wear an adult diaper. You might not always be there to change the diaper, and your parent will probably not be able to change it alone.

There are several things to consider before placing your parent in a nursing home. It is a painful process because it means your parent is at the end of their life, but it is a necessary placement if you can’t take care of them. Rest assured that the staff at the facility you choose will provide the care necessary, and if you have concerns you can always move your parent to another facility.

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