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Awesome Yard Designs for Families with Kids

A family-friendly yard design is beneficial to the physical health and over-all mood of everyone in the family. Time spent outdoors can be relaxing, calming, invigorating, and even energizing. Diversifying your outdoor design is an ideal way to assure there’s something for everyone to enjoy, even as your kids get older and grow up.

A Place to Exercise

From toddlers to teens, we all need a certain amount of exercise each day. For the young ones in the family, a designated place to simply run and play, chase a ball, or play with wheeled toys is sufficient. Older children might enjoy a trampoline, a climbing wall, or other items that encourage physical movement. Teens would likely enjoy a basketball goal or volleyball net where they could enjoy games with friends. 

A Relaxation Area

Spending time outdoors can be relaxing for everyone. If you, like many adults, don’t consider mowing and trimming a relaxing activity, hire a professional lawn service to take care of the nitty-gritty. You won’t experience the drudgery that can occur when you think about spending an evening or part of your weekend bent over the weeds.

Your backyard design can even include relaxation areas. An area for the adults could include comfortable furniture and a water feature that encourages relaxation and napping. Hammocks and hanging chairs are popular with everyone. Young children enjoy having a private play space such as a teepee, tent, or playhouse. A treehouse can even transition from a kid’s play space to a teen’s personal retreat. 

A Calming Effect

Somewhere in your yard design, include features that have a calming effect on kids, teens, and adults. A sandbox is a good choice for young children. Sifting and drawing in the sand and playing with sandbox toys can be calming for a child. A shade cloth can be placed over the box to protect kids from the sun. Swings are a timeless calming accessory in any yard design. You may want to include a variety of sizes and styles so everyone can experience the calming effect of a swing. Tire swings, chair swings, swings on a playset, single swings, double swings, and whatever type of swing you can creatively design can generate a sense of calm in people of all ages. 

If you have several kids in different age ranges, your backyard design may need to be divided into age-appropriate play and relaxation areas. Be prepared to transform those spaces as your children grow. A Utah landscape company recommends you always include an adult-friendly outdoor area for parties and just a nice summer evening.

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