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Baby on Board: 5 Health Tips for Expectant Mothers

When you have a baby on board, you have to worry about just your own health. Everything that you put into your body can have an impact on the health of your beautiful bundle of joy and how the delivery goes. By adopting healthy habits early on in the pregnancy and preparing for labor and delivery, you can do your part in ensuring that you’ll have a healthy delivery. Here are 5 tips that you must know early on:

Take Prenatal Vitamins Before You Even Conceive

You can prepare your body to be the healthiest portal to carry your baby before you even start taking pregnancy tests. More and more doctors recommend that you start taking prenatal vitamins as soon as you start trying to conceive. When you take these vitamins, your body can absorb the folic acid, calcium and iron that it needs to help the baby develop its brain and spinal cord within the first month of pregnancy.

Stay Active

There are so many advantages to staying active all throughout your life. Some of the biggest benefits are when you’re pregnant. You can maintain your weight, boost your energy, boost your mood, and get that vital sleep that you need before baby interrupts it. Find pregnant-friendly exercises and always listen to your body.

Start Your Kegel Exercises

Your belly might be too big to do heavy lifting or intense cardio exercise, one exercise that you should start doing in Kegels. This is the process of squeezing your pelvic floor so that can easily push during your delivery. This helps you in the moment and can also help you with bladder issues that are common in women after they have children.

Make All of Your Ultrasound Appointments

Getting quality prenatal care is a must to avoid delivery complications. The only way for doctors to see what’s going on in your uterus is by using a transvaginal ultrasound system. If you don’t get your routine ultrasounds, the doctor can’t fully predict a women’s risk of a premature delivery or other issues like birth asphyxia that can lead to long-term health issues for your child.

Write Up a Detailed Birthing Plan

One of the biggest fears that expectant mothers have is that things won’t go right when they go into labor. You have no control over your body, when your water will break, or when the contractions will get too close apart. To control some of your anxiety, write a birthing plan. These plans should cover everything from what your wishes are if there’s an emergency or who should be in the room. Here’s some of the questions that should be answered:

  • Who will be in the room during delivery?
  • Do you want an epidural?
  • How do you want to push?
  • What type of clothing do you want to wear after delivery?
  • What kind of pain medication do you want for later?
  • Will you be breast feeding?
  • What should happen if complications arise?

Making the most of pregnancy is all about staying healthy mentally, emotionally, and physically. Eat nutritious meals, stay under a doctor’s care, and adopt healthy habits. There’s no guarantees that you’ll have a pain-free delivery, but you’re bettering your chances of having a healthy one.

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