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Baby Proof Your Yard: Why It’s Important To Go Beyond The Inside Of Your Home

You’ve bought the baby gates, the table-corner bumpers, and the playpen. You’ve made sure all the toys have a good safety rating and the outlets are covered. While these things are all important, did you remember to baby-proof your yard? Backyards can hold plenty of hidden dangers for babies and toddlers who want to explore every nook and cranny of the outside world.

Poisonous Plants

You may have to forgo planting some decorative plants until your child is old enough to understand the “look but don’t touch” rule and follow it consistently. There are many popular yard plants that are highly toxic if ingested. Be sure to identify all of the plants growing in your yard and remove the ones that may pose a risk. If you have potted plants that can be toxic, keep them on high shelves or get rid of them.

Pools and Water Hazards

Sadly, most drowning accidents involving young children happen at home in the family swimming pool or pond. If your home has a pond, water barrel or swimming pool, these water sources should be enclosed by a secure gate or barrier that a baby or toddler cannot reach to open or climb over. Additionally, be sure to always supervise if your young one around any outdoor water source, even if it is gated or fenced.

Buy A Good Fence

A good fence can save you a lot of worry when it’s time for baby to explore the yard. A sturdy, secure fence will keep your child safe from wandering into the road and keep outside threats, such as aggressive dogs or wild animals, outside your home boundaries. A fenced yard allows a baby to explore in relative safety, meaning you don’t have to be three steps behind your child every time they run or crawl off in a new direction.

Garages and Workshops

All garages and other yard buildings, such as a garden house, tool shed or workshop, should be kept locked. Dangerous items such as saw blades, hammers, nails, power drills or shears must be out of reach and locked within the proper shed at all times. In addition, keep automatic garage door openers away from baby. It’s all too easy for them to be seriously injured or trapped in a closed garage.

Pet Areas

If you have a pet outside, it’s important to clean up droppings regularly. Kids will get their hands on anything they shouldn’t have, and pet feces can be especially dangerous and contain many dangerous bacteria. Also, keep pet food and water stored somewhere else when your young ones play outside.

There‘s nothing quite like the joy a parent can get from watching the simple act of a young child playing in their own yard. Protect your baby by making sure the yard is as safe for them to explore as the inside of your home.

Informational credit to Jakob Rope Systems.

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