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Baby Roaming Free? 4 Tips to Babyproof Your Home

If you’re the parent of a baby who’s starting to walk and explore, you’ll want to take certain precautions to keep your little one from getting hurt. Children that young aren’t aware of many of the dangers that could be lurking inside a home and could end up wandering into harm’s way unknowingly. Here are four tips to help you babyproof your home.

Use Outlet Covers

Wall outlets that are used to plug in electronic devices could be especially dangerous for young children. Your baby might try sticking metal or another unsuitable object into an uncovered outlet, which may result in electrocution. To keep your baby safe, try installing store-bought outlet covers to keep the plug-in holes off-limits for your little one. Outlet covers can be purchased in sets so that all outlets around the home can be safeguarded.

Set Water Heater from Getting too Hot

Scalding hot water can burn your child’s skin quickly and cause scarring and other serious medical complications. Little kids are sometimes known to play with the faucets in a bathtub while the parents are momentarily preoccupied, which can cause scalding hot water to flow. To prevent this problem set your home’s water heater to a maximum temperature of 120 degrees. If you’re having trouble setting your water heater to the right temperature because of mechanical problems, a company like Ace Home Services can provide assistance.

Install Drawer and Cabinet Locks

Any sharp objects, medications or other potentially dangerous items for babies should be kept in drawers or cabinets that have locks installed on them. It’s also possible to find childproof devices that allow adults and older children to open drawers and cabinets with ease but make it nearly impossible for babies and toddlers to do so.

Install Window Guards

Some parents are under the false impression that their babies and toddlers will be safe from falling out of open windows as long as screens are in place. However, young children can push on screens and cause them to pop out of the windows, which could result in falls. Window guards provide a safer alternative to screens and often consist of steel bars that go over windows in place of screens.

Making your home a safer place for your young son or daughter can be done if you know how to identify potential dangers and find suitable solutions. Thankfully, there are also many devices on the market that are designed for optimal child safety.

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