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Back T0 School: Reasons To Vaccinate Your Children

Parents should do all they can to keep their children safe. This can mean anything from making sure they have enough food to making they wear their seat belts when they ride in a car. Many of these things are done without a second thought, but there is one thing that many parents don’t do for their children despite the fact that it has been proven to save lives.

Vaccines have gained a bad reputation in some circles. An increase in the number of cases of autism in the last several years has led some concerned parents to believe that standard childhood vaccinations are to blame. There have been several studies on the supposed link between autism and child vaccinations, but so far no evidence has been found that vaccines can cause autism. Most vaccines are perfectly safe, and it is recommended that all parents have their children vaccinated. Here are just a few reasons why childhood vaccines are so important.

Vaccinations Provide Protection from Disease

Many deadly diseases have been all but wiped out by vaccinations over the years. For example, polio was once one of the most feared diseases in the United States. Thousands of people were crippled and even killed by it every year, but thanks to vaccinations polio has been virtually eradicated. Other diseases such as smallpox, measles, and whooping cough have also been driven to extinction or close to it thanks to the vaccinations that are routinely given to children, although there have been resurgences of measles and whooping cough in recent years due in part to parents refusing to vaccinate their children.

Vaccines Help Prevent the Spread of Diseases

When a child is immune to a disease, it stands to reason that he or she won’t be able to spread it to other people. As mentioned above, recent outbreaks of whooping cough and measles are due to a failure to have children immunized to the diseases. However, this isn’t entirely the fault of misinformed or neglectful parents. Some children simply cannot receive certain vaccinations, due to allergies or a compromised immune system. The only way to protect these children from some of the deadlier childhood diseases is to have their peers immunized. The more children who are immune to a disease, the fewer opportunities it will have to spread.

Vaccines Can Save Families on their Medical Bills

Getting children their recommended vaccinations can help save families money in the long run. Vaccinations are relatively inexpensive, especially for a family that has medical insurance. On the other hand, treatment for a potentially deadly disease can cost thousands of dollars over a period of months or even years. Months or years of costly medical bills can all be avoided with a single inoculation.

Vaccines Can Protect Future Generations

Part of the reason why vaccines have been so effective in eliminating a number of diseases is because they provide protection to future generations. For example, rubella is frequently passed from an infected mother to her unborn child. If the mother has been inoculated against rubella, there is less of a chance that this could happen. Not only is the mother protected from this dangerous disease, but so is her child. If enough parents continue vaccinating their children, there will be far fewer diseases that future generations will need to worry about, and children will require fewer vaccines in order to remain healthy.

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