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Backyard birthday: Active Ideas to Get Your Kids Outdoors on Their Big Day

Backyard Birthday Active Ideas to Get Your Kids Outdoors on Their Big DayLaughing and playing together outside can make birthday parties more meaningful. Nowadays, with an overabundance of electronics and video games, kids don’t have as much opportunity to enjoy playtime as their parents once did. If you want to get kids moving and enjoying the outdoors on their big day, here are some great ideas to move your get-together outdoors. Don’t forget to have the kids place their phones by the front door!

Swimming is always a fun activity for children of all ages. Adding to the fun are noodles, water tubes, and a wide array of pool games you can try from diving competitions to classic Marco polo. Other ideas include water polo, volleyball, beach ball, water hoops, cannonballs, and atomic whirlpool. For water amusement out of the pool try a water balloon toss, squirt guns, sprinklers, Slip ‘n Slide, or kiddie pools. Gift ideas might be things like super soakers or Shimmer tail mermaid tails for a present they can use in the fun.

Mini Olympics

Hosting a mini Olympic field day is a great way to get your child and their friends up and moving during the celebration. There are many games you could use during your Olympic theme, depending on the ages involved. Kids love testing their skills with things like relay races, foot races, and long jumps. Other fun things to include are a Frisbee toss, three-legged race, and obstacle course.

Old-Fashioned Games
There are so many outdoor games and night-games that have lasted throughout the ages and can add to the fun of a birthday celebration. Some of these are tag, freeze tag, hide and seek, capture the flag, manhunt, four square, hopscotch, badminton, hula hoop, jump rope, duck-duck-goose, mother-may-I, and red rover. Also, try traditional ball games such as kickball, wiffle ball, bocce ball, volleyball, and basketball games such as HORSE and Around the World. There are indoor games that can be brought along for outdoor fun like hot potato, musical chairs, and Simon Says.

Of course, there is usually success in renting fun and games for your party. Choosing from bouncy houses, trampolines, and water slides can be difficult because each one can add hours of fun to your festivity.

Another great way to get fun ideas is to ask your child and their friends. Kids are great at giving suggestions on how to have fun. Maybe they tried something new in gym class, or a friend introduced them to a new activity. Either way, chances are they’d be more than willing to share it with you and make it a part of their special day. Depending on your budget, the ages of your children, and your own creativity, these are surefire ways to add great memories to your family’s special occasion.

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