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Backyard Safety: Why a Fence Helps Kids Feel Secure

Playing outside in the yard is one of the most fun activities kids can experience while growing up. Fresh air, sunshine, and physical activity are all important contributors to good health. To maximize a safe and secure outdoor play environment, parents should consider having a fence installed around the perimeter of the lawn or the kids’ play area.


Young children need to learn property borders pertaining to where they can and cannot play. A fence installed along the property boundary provides visual clarity of their play area and perhaps sets apart the entire home from neighboring properties. Kids learn to stay on their side of the fence, and that the other side belongs to other people. Respect for property is a valuable quality to learn.


Solid fencing installed by a professional fence company will help to keep intruders out. Stray dogs, wildlife, or neighborhood bullies can be kept away, adding to your children’s safety and comfort while playing outdoors. Predators will not have ready access to the children, which will add to their safety and protection. Neighbors will be able to automatically see the boundary between properties and be less likely to stop by for unwanted chats or visits. Pesky salespeople may also avoid stopping by if there is a fence surrounding the property without open gate access.

Parental Monitoring

Parents who let their kids play in a fenced-in yard enjoy peace of mind knowing their little ones cannot run out into the street or be readily abducted by criminals lurking nearby. As they do yardwork, the kids will remain close by without significant risk of danger from an outdoor source. From indoors, parents can monitor their kids through windows, knowing the fence will keep the children where they should be while keeping unwanted entities out of the yard.


Many types of fencing can also serve a decorative purpose. Fun outdoor toys for the kids can be hung on a fence, such as pool toys and badminton gear, for ready access. Yard fences are also a great place to hang potted plants or to encourage ivy growth. Green thumb homeowners often plant seasonal blooms along the fence to add color and beauty in nice weather. Kids enjoy the attractive display, too.

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