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Bathroom Budgeting: 4 Thrifty Tips for a Quick Remodel

Although the bathroom might be the smallest room in the home, it can sometimes be the most expensive to remodel because of the plumbing that is involved. If you’re interested in remodeling your bathroom, you can follow a few simple tips to save money while still achieving a completely new look. Before getting started, think about exactly what you want to change in the bathroom, comparing prices for the materials that are needed so that you don’t spend a lot of money unnecessarily.

Add Frames

Leave the mirrors on the walls, but add decorative frames around the edges. Find frames that complement the colors and decorations in the bathroom. Silver works well if you plan on frequently changing the colors in the bathroom, and it can also add an airy appearance to the room. Beige or gold offers more of a warm look to the bathroom.

Visit Salvage Sales

Many companies have salvage sales to get rid of floor models and materials that have been ordered but that weren’t needed. You can often find new items at a fraction of the new price if you pay attention to the building season. Wait until the fall and winter months to look for salvage sales because companies will tend to get rid of extra items they no longer need and some of the older models to make room for the new inventory.

Maintain the Plumbing

Instead of replacing all of the plumbing in the bathroom, leave most of it where it is, changing only the faucets and shower head if you want a new and polished look. A professional plumber like Moon Valley Plumbing or someone similar can assist with changing these aspects if you aren’t sure about how to disconnect any lines in the room or if you want aren’t sure about the best design to use in the bathroom. Working around the plumbing in the room can save a significant amount of time and money that you can spend changing other details.

An Open System

Instead of cabinets with a lot of doors that can make the bathroom seem closed in, consider an open shelving system. This design will give the illusion of more space without spending a lot of money as most basic shelving units are less expensive than complete cabinets. Add a few decorative baskets for extra storage options with the shelving system.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money remodeling your bathroom if you take the time to do a bit of research. Look for clearance deals and secondhand items that you can use instead of paying full price. Stick with a simple design plan that can save you money while still transforming the look of the room.

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