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Benefits of Living in an Apartment When You’re Starting a Family

Apartment living may seem preferable for single people or couples, but an apartment can be comfortable and suitable when you’re ready to start a family as well. With a baby in the plans, couples who are watching their budget and busy with work may prefer to live in an apartment rather than buy a home for reasons like the following.


Renting an apartment is often cheaper than buying a house, especially when you factor in taxes and insurance with the mortgage payment. Utilities for a house may be higher than for an apartment. Home maintenance for a typical home that would include lawn care as well as major appliances like the furnace, air conditioner, plumbing, and electric add to the costs. Home repairs and renovations or updates can be an extra drain on the budget.


Many apartment buildings provide upkeep and maintenance to all the units. This may include annual painting or touch ups, new flooring as needed, repairs to or replacement of major appliances like the HVAC system along with smaller appliances such as a refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher. A broken toilet or overflowing bathtub could be a costly repair that might be covered by the property owner. Many apartments come with leases that provide for window and door replacement as needed in addition to other updates or repairs that are reasonable in nature. Childcare when kids are young can be time-intensive, leaving a few hours in the week for upkeep.


Some apartment buildings or complexes come with special services like a swimming pool, club room, tennis court, covered parking, and other things that a new homeowner might not be able to afford when starting out. Laundry facilities and trash pickup are often included in the rental fee, along with secure entry and locked mailboxes. These amenities are not usually available in a lower-priced starter home, and they would be especially helpful when starting a family.


Furnished apartments make life even easier for families with children. You don’t have to shop for furniture or move it out of the apartment when you leave. The care and maintenance of furnishings are generally provided by the apartment manager or owner, so that is another responsibility a renter does not have to take on. If something breaks that is not the renters’ fault, management will replace it.

Renting apartments offers many perks to couples who are starting a family. They can enjoy comfortable living without as much work and money as is needed when buying a home.

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