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Big Mess: 5 Tools For Making Home Cleanup A Breeze

Cleaning your home can seem like a never-ending chore. This is particularly true if you have kids or pets, and they may leave new messes in every room they visit throughout the day. All homes also have issues with dust and dirt, spills, scratches on the walls and more. Such issues can make your home look messy, and you may be looking for a better way to clean your home that will save you time and energy. The good news is that there are several helpful tools available that can make lighter work of your regular cleaning chores.

A Handheld Duster with an Extension Arm

Dust can accumulate on every surface of your home, and this includes on top of ceiling fans and refrigerators as well as on air vents and more. You may regularly dust your furniture, but reaching these higher, out-of-the-way places requires more effort. Some people even lug a ladder around in order to clean their ceiling fan blades. By investing in a handheld duster with an extension arm, you can more quickly and easily clean your ceiling fan blades and other high places in the home.

A Central Vacuum

Most people vacuum their homes at least once or twice a week to remove the dust, dirt and other elements from the floors. Hauling a heavy vacuum across every square inch of your floors can be time-consuming and exhausting, and a better solution is to use a central vacuum. This is a special type of vacuum that is installed in your home. Each room will have its own vacuum portal, and this dramatically simplifies the process of vacuuming while ensuring superior cleaning results.

A Wall Eraser

Dirty walls are a common problem in most homes. Many people love lighter, brighter or neutral wall shades, but these lighter colors make dirt more visible. This may be dirt from the dogs rubbing up against the walls, kids’ handprints or other issues. You may scrub and clean some of these surfaces, or you can use a wall eraser. This is a special product that is designed specifically to remove scuff marks on the walls and to help you keep your home looking cleaner with ease.

A Toilet Wand

If you are like most people, cleaning toilets is one of your least favorite cleaning chores to do. While there are self-cleaning toilets that you can install in your home, these are very expensive. For most people on a budget, investing in an affordable toilet wand is a better option. A toilet wand is a disposable, brush-like device that is loaded with cleaning agents. It eliminates the need to tote a scrub brush and cleaning solution around from bathroom to bathroom in your home. Because the brush heads are disposable, you can also rest assured that you are cleaning your toilets with a brush that is clean rather than using a dirty brush head to spread more germs throughout your home.

A Wet Mop

If you have hard floor surfaces, you need to find an easier way to clean these floors. The most traditional option available is to use a standard mop and to tote a bucket of soapy water around the home. This is often messy and back-breaking work, and a better solution is available. Wet mops can be purchased at local retail stores or online. You simply attach a disposable cleaning cloth to the bottom of the mop, and you use spray cleaning solution from the mop as you work your way across the floor. This is a fast and easy way to get the clean floor results you desire.

While cleaning is a necessary part of life, it does not have to be burdensome and time-consuming. Invest in each of these tools to save time and energy cleaning your house.

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