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Big Summer Move: 5 Ways to Make Moving Easier for Your Family

Moving during the summer may be easier for families because they don’t need to worry about taking their kids out of school. However, it may not be as much fun moving in hot and humid weather. Let’s take a look at some strategies to make a summer move as easy as possible.

Let a Moving Company Do the Heavy Lifting

Using a company such as Bekins Van Lines Inc. can make it easier to complete your move in a timely manner. While a professional packs and unpacks your large and heavy items, you can focus on getting the kids mentally prepared to be living in a new home. You can also focus on other tasks such as cleaning your apartment or turning in the keys on time.

Figure out What You Can Do before the Move

In some cases, you will gain possession of your new home before your apartment lease runs out or your current home sells. If your new home is close to your current one, it could provide an opportunity to get some work done before the move. For instance, you might want to have the cable and lights turned on the day before the move begins in full.

Start Packing Immediately

Start the process of packing your things the day that you find out about your next move. If you spend just a few minutes putting your belongings in boxes each day, it won’t seem like such an overwhelming task to accomplish. The kids can pitch in by packing their own belongings.

Send the Kids and Pets Away

If your children aren’t old enough to help out, they could be at risk of getting hurt or being in the way of the moving company. The same is true for your animals, and they may be scared or stressed being around so much commotion. If possible, send them to grandma’s house or to a kennel until the move is over.

Take Time off from Work

Taking a day or two off from work to complete your move allows you to focus on that singular event. If you are moving for a job, you might benefit from not starting the day that you get into town. That can make it easier to finish the move and let you get acclimated to your surroundings in a less stressful manner.

A move doesn’t have to be a stressful event for yourself or your family. Starting the packing process or taking care of miscellaneous tasks prior to moving day can make it easier to complete your transition in a timely manner.

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