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Bonding Time: 6 Fun Weekend Projects For Father and Son

The moment that you first set eyes on your son is a moment that you’ll never forget. Once your son gets a little older, you might realize that you don’t spend as much time together as you would like. Though work and other obligations can get in your way, you can find some fun ways to bond with your son this weekend. Perhaps you can restore an old car, go camping or catch a base ball game?

Below are 6 incredibly fun weekend projects for fathers and their sons:

Restore an Old Car

Restoring an old car together gives you the chance to pass on your knowledge and expertise, and you can even reward your son with that old car when he reaches driving age. If you don’t have an old car or can’t afford one, just work on a simple project that involves your family car.  You can teach your step-son how to change tires, and oil. These are valuable life skills that once taught he’ll have with him forever.  This is time well-spent and a moment that will be indelibly imprinted on your son’s mind forever.

Go Camping

Teaching your son how to fish and cook his own food is easy when you start with a camping trip. Head into the wilderness with a tent, a backpack and a few supplies, and have fun spending time together. If you’re not the wilderness type, consider renting a cabin for a long weekend. Spending time in the weekend will teach your step-son the importance of being self-sufficient.

Going to a Baseball Game

Few pastimes are as beloved and cherished as an all-American baseball game.  Watching a weekend high school or college baseball game with your son will give you an opportunity to teach him the rules of the game. A visit to the ballpark may even spark a life-long interest in sports.

Take a Road Trip

Nothing beats the open road ahead of you and your son sitting next to you. Plan a road trip to a town a few hours away from home or a state several hours away, and enjoy the conversation that you have together. Get your little one involved in the process, letting him pick where you stop to eat and what you see on your trip. A road trip with your son allows both of you to see the country and provides you an opportunity to teach him about some of America’s most beloved historical sites.

Make Extra Income

If you have a few hours to kill, take some time to walk around the neighborhood together. Pick up aluminum cans, scrap metal and other valuable pieces, and sell those recyclables to Airline Salvage Inc. or another recycling center in your area. You can also pick up furniture and other things that people throw away, rehab those items and sell them. Put the money back for a bonding experience in the future.

Build Something Together

Show your son the skills that you have when you build something together. This can be as simple as a birdhouse that you make from a kit or something more elaborate, including a doghouse, fence or pond in the backyard. No matter which activity you choose, you’ll get the chance to bond with your son.

These six weekend projects and activities with your son afford you an opportunity to teach him some valuable life-skills while spending quality time together. These are memories that will stay with both of you for a lifetime.

Author Bio

Karleia is a freelance blogger. Away from the office she enjoys spending time with her beautiful daughters and husband.

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