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Brace Face: Clever Ways to Make Your Metal Years Less Awkward

For teenagers, having braces can sometimes feel like the end of the world. There are already so many awkward and stressful things going on, braces are just the icing on the cake. It may seem easier sometimes to hide behind the metal, but braces should never decide a teen’s fate. There are several ways to make braces less noticeable and obnoxious without having to hide from the camera all through high school.

Own It
The best way to hide braces is to embrace them. People tend to notice less when the wearer doesn’t care. Do not let braces ruin confidence. If someone struts their stuff and acts like their braces are diamonds gracing their teeth rather than metal bars, they will look beautiful. No matter what, confidence speaks volumes. Embrace the brace face and you will find a positive response.

Smile Practice
It is not always easy to be confident enough to put on a big smile while wearing braces. Sometimes a closed smile can feel awkward because the braces feel like they are causing your mouth to bulge forward. The best way to fix this problem is to practice a closed mouth smile. Someone who has just gotten braces sometimes has to re-train their mouth to smile the way they need it to. It may seem strange at first, but eventually a closed mouth smile can feel natural and beautiful.

Create a Bold Focal Point
Sometimes braces can seem like a shining target in the middle of the face. The easiest way to solve that problem is to direct the attention elsewhere. Girls can play up the eyes in order to create a focal point that distracts from the mouth. It is a little harder for guys, but they can always create a dramatic hairstyle that attracts attention as well. Use your fun fashion sense to have people see the real you.

Take Care of the Mouth
If the mouth surrounding the braces looks bad, then the braces will look even worse. The best thing a teenager can do is to keep track of what they are eating, and practice good oral health. Nothing is worse than finding out there was spinach trapped inside those braces all day. Keep a small mirror on hand and make sure no food is left behind after every meal. Also, good oral health involves daily brushing and proper care of teeth. Talking to professionals at an Eastgate Dental Centre can also be extremely helpful when it comes to learning good oral health techniques for getting around braces.

Braces do not have to be your personal prison bars the rest of high school. A smile can still be vibrant through the metal years as long as you take the right steps. If you just can’t stand the thought of braces another year, talk to your Burlington dentists to see if invisalign or other retainer option might work for you.

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