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Broken Families: 4 Signs You Need a Divorce Attorney

Every married couple is different, but unhappy marriages are a fact. That’s why there are divorce courts. Certain signs might tell you that you’re heading there. That might be when you’ll need a divorce attorney. Here are four common signs that you’re probably in need of a divorce attorney.

You’ve been served
This is the most obvious sign. If a sheriff’s deputy is knocking on your door with a Complaint for Divorce to serve on you, there is a limited time to respond after you are served. Seek immediate legal help. If you fail to file a timely response, you could be permanently relinquishing certain rights. If that happens, your spouse might be awarded everything that he or she has asked for. Don’t sleep on your rights.

Having an affair
This is one of the leading causes of divorce across the country, and adultery is a legal reason for filing for a divorce. Trust is breached, and without trust there’s no unity. The marriage isn’t just on the rocks. It’s probably shipwrecked, irretrievably broken and headed for a divorce courtroom.

Hiding property transfers
If a party to a marriage acquires property during the course of his or her marriage and fails to disclose that acquisition, another breach of trust occurs. When one spouse transfers an ownership interest in marital assets without the knowledge and consent of the other spouse, that’s likely another sign that a marriage is irretrievably broken. Law firms like the Thomas Law Firm LLC. advises that sworn financial disclosures must be made by the parties to a divorce. You might learn of something of significant value that was acquired, dissipated or sold during the course of the marriage. Certain remedies are probably available.

It’s not a matter of contempt of court. It’s a matter of contempt for each other. Gestures, body language and treating each other with utter indifference likely means that irreconcilable differences have caused an irretrievable breakdown of your marriage. Efforts at reconciliation will be likely to fail too. The marriage is probably dead. A married couple might disagree on the finer points of an issue, but they must treat each other with respect rather than disdain. Kindness and respect resolve many issues.

If you see any of the above signs, you’ll want to meet with a qualified divorce attorney right away. If you’re even just contemplating filing for a divorce, a simple consultation with a divorce practitioner should answer some questions.

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