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Broken Families: How to Seek Help for Your Struggling Family

Whether it’s a divorce, estrangement, separation, or family feud, broken families could mean a variety of situations and circumstances. Despite past hurts, your family can obtain healing and reconciliation.
Below are some simple steps to help your family regain the happiness they once had. Remember that although you can’t control everything, your example and actions will help to create a more secure and loving environment for all.

1. Let Go of Anger

Forgiveness doesn’t come easily, especially when your offender repeatedly wrongs you over and over again. For divorced parents, it’s especially important to refrain from criticizing your ex-spouse, no matter how much the blame falls on them.

Although your marriage may have ended, this doesn’t mean that your family unit no longer exists. Help your children feel safe and able to cope by speaking only positively of their other parent. Trying to pit your children against an ex-spouse only makes things harder for them in the long run, and for you, too.

2. Make Your Home a Refuge

No matter what circumstances you encounter, it’s always possible to create a comfortable environment for family members. Bad blood, jealousies, and hurt feelings will only fester and worsen in an unwelcoming environment.

Keep your home clean and comfortable. If you have a troubled family member staying with you, don’t try to drive them out with poor hospitality. Remain polite and forthcoming to receive goodness back.

Remember that all that goes on outside your home changes, but you can keep things constant within your own sphere. Work to create a place where family members feel at ease and able to interact.

3. Communicate

Repressed feelings, along with distrust and betrayal often become natural bi-products of a broken family. To avoid letting such dysfunction have a place in your family, focus on keeping communication honest and free of interference.

If you have something on your mind, share it, but with love and honesty. For those who have difficulty expressing emotions face-to-face, try leaving a heartfelt note for a family member. Kind words go a long way to mending emotional wounds.

4. Seek Professional Help

The outside world lies that those who seek therapy are weak, shameful, or lesser people. Despite the existence of this longtime stigma, choose happiness over the worry of what others might think.

Your family deserves the best, and different situations present needs that you alone can’t meet. Family members struggling through different crises benefit greatly from the help of a professional social worker.

Licensed clinical social workers often receive training and education through a master’s of social work online program and in-person programs. Regardless of your particular problem, rely on a professional social worker to help your family towards healing.

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