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Bullets from Heaven: 4 Safety Strategies for Driving in a Hailstorm

What started out as a simple storm can turn nasty quickly. When a hailstorm emerges and you’re driving down a highway, it can spell a recipe for disaster. To make sure you and your family are safe, consider these four safety strategies during a hailstorm.

Stay Inside the Vehicle

While it may be tempting to run from your car to the nearest building, you should ignore that response. It’s far safer inside of your car than running out beneath the hailstorm. Even though the hail may appear quite small and thus harmless, they’re hurling down from the skies at an incredible rate of speed. One strike of hail at the wrong place on your body could cause serious harm. As such, it is prudent that you and everyone else remain in your car until the hailstorm has safely passed overhead.

Pull Over

Driving in the rain can be dangerous enough. Driving during a hailstorm? Even more perilous. Hail can pierce through your windows and strike you at the wheel. You may become disoriented or even knocked out entirely. This could cause your car to spin out and injure those within the car and outside. The safest thing that you can do when the hail starts to drop is to pull the car over and wait it out. If possible, you should park beneath a bridge, so your car is protected. Exercise discretion and caution when choosing where to pull over.

Angle Your Car Correctly

If possible, you should angle your car in such a way that makes the windshield face the oncoming storm. Typically, windshields are made of laminated glass and are thus less likely to allow any hail to pierce through and hit someone in the car. Since you should be parked at this point, maneuver your car when necessary to continue to have the windshield directed at the storm.

Protect Yourself

Inside the car, you should take measures to protect yourself. You can do this by either lying down or reclining in the car and covering yourself with a blanket, towel, or jacket. You should also do your best to keep your back to the windows in the event that both the glass shatters and hail starts to pelt inside of the car. Protect your head as much as you can.

Hailstorms can cause severe damage to the auto glass of your car. To keep yourself and your passengers safe in the future, be sure to have your car windows repaired or replaced when needed. You never know when the next hailstorm may strike.

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