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Bumps and Bruises: Preparing to Handle Your Children’s Inevitable Owies

When you are a new parent, there are a lot of things to learn about caring for your children after they fall from a bicycle or incur an insect bite. Here are several ways to prepare for your child’s injuries.

Have a First-Aid Kit

Keep a first-aid kit in your home and vehicle so that you are ready to help your child after she falls from a swing or steps on a bumblebee. Some of the things to keep in a first-aid kit include antibiotic ointments, bandages and disposable gloves. If your child has an allergy to insect venom, then make sure to carry injectable medication that you can use right away.

Have Ice Packs and Heating Pads Available

Buy heating pads and ice packs at a local store to keep ready for bruises and bumps. There are special products that you can heat in a microwave to place on an injury, but you can also have ice packs stored in your kitchen’s freezer. With these items, you can soothe a bump or bruise immediately so that your child heals faster.

Take a First-Aid Class

Make sure to enroll in a first-aid class at a local fire station or medical facility to understand how to perform artificial respiration or cardiopulmonary resuscitation. At these classes, you will also learn how to cope with a deep laceration, broken bone or concussion. Students have the opportunity to practice on each other or on dolls and dummies. It can also help to locate a medical clinic like Southern Family Medicine Inc. or someone similar in your area.

Keep Your Child’s Inoculations Updated

Take your child to her pediatrician routinely to keep her inoculations updated. If your child has a scrape or laceration, then check your medical records to make sure that she has had a recent tetanus shot. When your child hasn’t had this inoculation, bring her to her pediatrician to have one right away.

Learn How to Calm Your Child

It is important to learn how to calm an injured child. If a child is crying or screaming, then it is impossible to determine how severe an injury is. Talk calmly to your child to soothe him while checking the area of the injury to determine if there is a broken bone or other serious problem.

Have Some Medical Books about Children

Look for a few high-quality medical books about children so that you can read information about injuries or illnesses. The best books will have photographs so that you can see what infections or complications look like so that you will know when to contact your child’s pediatrician.

Make sure to carry a smartphone with you all the time, just in case your child is injured. You can call a paramedic or pediatrician to get advice about what to do. With a smartphone, you can also take a photograph of an injury to show your child’s doctor. Whatever happens, just remember that a young child is bound to bump into a few scrapes. Take this advice, and you should be prepared to help them out when those moments arrive.

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