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Burying a Loved One? How to Properly Honor Them

If you recently lost a family member or close friend and have been designated to oversee their burial, there are several wonderful ways to honor this special person. By honoring this deceased loved one in the proper manner, you’ll be doing a service to all other friends and family members who shared in this individual’s life. Here are some of the best ways to properly honor a deceased loved one.

Select an Appropriate Funeral Parlor

Having a funeral is one of the best ways to pay your respects to a special person who has passed. It’s important to choose a funeral home that’s staffed by compassionate employees who can help you plan every detail of the service. You should also select a location that’s easily accessible for friends and family members who want to attend.

Include Special Mementos

You can make sure that your loved one is buried with some of their favorite possessions by including special mementos in the casket. Including the person’s wedding ring along with other special jewelry pieces is a great way to show honor. You can also bury your loved one with old photographs and favorite books. Items that reflect the person’s hobbies or achievements will be good to add as well.

Dress the Person in the Proper Attire

Similar to burying your loved one with special mementos, you can show respect by dressing him or her in an outfit that reflects certain achievements made in life. If the person served in the armed forces, you can make sure that they’re dressed in a military outfit when placed in the casket. You might also choose to dress your loved one in a suit if they worked in a highly prestigious field. If your loved one was an avid sports fan, dressing them in the fan gear of a favorite team may be appropriate.

Honor Religious Practices

Certain religions have specific protocol when it comes to buying a body. If you’re not so familiar with the faith that your deceased loved one practiced, you should learn more about the religion to make sure that the burial is being carried out in the proper manner. According to, some religions require a body to be buried as soon as possible after death.

You can show just how much a deceased loved one means to you by honoring them the right way before they’re buried. The effort that you put into showing respect will give everyone else who was part of this special person’s life greater peace of mind.

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