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Candy and Cavities: How to Stay Healthy This Halloween

Few things are responsible for causing as much dental decay as sugar. Sweet, sticky treats adhere to teeth, alter the natural pH of the mouth, and establish the perfect conditions for cavity-causing bacteria. Fortunately, there are a number of things people can do to stay healthy this Halloween, while continuing to enjoy all their favorite confections.

Avoid Munching Throughout the Day
The likelihood of developing dental problems as the result of candy consumption is significantly increased when people snack on sweet treats all throughout the day. This is because they are less likely to clean the teeth after each sugar-loaded snack. It is far better to have a special time for munching on these items, and to clean the teeth immediately after. The longer that sugar sits on the teeth in any form; the more likely tooth damage invariably becomes.

Restore pH Balance with Baking Soda
According to Dr Enrico J Azarko, whenever people consume large quantities of sugar or highly acidic foods, the internal conditions of the mouth change. A highly acidic mouth can play host to a number of harmful organisms. More importantly these bacteria can start breeding out of control. Mixing a simple solution of warm water and baking soda will create the perfect rinse. This should be swirled around the mouth for several minutes after brushing in order alter the pH of the mouth and loosen any food debris that brushing and flossing have missed. People can even make a thick paste with baking soda and water, and can use this in place of their normal toothpaste or as a supplementary treatment. This mixture is great for removing tough materials that adhere to the teeth like caramel and taffy.

Schedule A Dental Visit

Scheduling a dental visit just after Halloween is the perfect way to minimize the damage that excess candy consumption can cause. Dentists can perform deep cleanings to remove build-ups of tartar and plaque. They can also identify small cavities before these have a chance to spiral out of control.

Taking care of cavities in a timely fashion is also vital for preventing tooth loss. You don’t want to deal with bigger problems after the other holidays come and go. Make sure your family is doing all they can to minimize sugar damage now. With a properly aligned bite, a full set of healthy choppers and diligent oral hygiene, munching on a few pieces of candy throughout the Halloween seasons won’t result in major oral health issues.

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