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Capable Kiddos: 3 Ways To Help Your Kids Have A Healthy Self-Confidence

Confidence is a trait that allows a person to feel that they handle whatever life throws at them. This quality is also important for children because they are often in situations they haven’t experienced before and may often feel stressed when they must deal with unfamiliar events. Confidence allows them to feel like they will be able to find a way to manage the situation, to have an impact on it and to derive benefit from it in some way. Some children seem to be born with this ability to take control of their environments and make it work for them. Other children need a bit of fostering to develop the skills they need to feel confident in the world, and in themselves. You can help your child to develop this ability by implementing a few important tips.

1 – Encourage Independent Decision Making

Children develop confidence through the experience of making decisions about their lives and taking responsibilities for the outcomes. Whenever possible, parents should encourage children to make their own choices about things that affect them, providing information and guidance along the way. Although parents might have strong preferences about outcomes, too much “direction” can inhibit the ability to feel comfortable making decisions. When parents provide options and information, then stand back and allow children to decide, they are encouraging thoughtful consideration of consequences and the ability to be accountable for the choices they make. Of course, not all decisions will be good ones, and parents should always be on hand to discuss unsuccessful outcomes and offer encouragement to try again. Teach children self-encouragement techniques, which will help them to be more confident throughout their lives.

2 – Encourage Good Grooming & Personal Care

An integral part of self-confidence is learning good grooming and personal care techniques. These skills allow children to interact successfully with their peers and help to avoid many of the negative interactions, such as teasing and name-calling that sometimes occur in social groups. Proper bathing techniques, hair care, hand washing and care when sneezing or coughing can help your child learn acceptable techniques that will ensure their social success. Dental care should also be a part of their daily routine. Having an attractive smile can be instrumental in your child’s ability to make friends and interact socially with others. A child should get used to regular dental visits at an early age. If they require a bit of help with their smiles, new techniques like invisalign, Channahon Il, can make the teeth straightening process easier, so they can feel confident in their appearance.

3 – Instill Positive Character Traits

Most parents try to instill good character in their children from an early age. Character includes such qualities as courtesy, empathy, self-discipline, fairness and kindness, among others. Many parents find that reading books to or with their children provide opportunities to discuss qualities such as kindness and fairness with them. Even animated movies can teach qualities of good character to children, providing visual images of positive and negative behavior. It’s important for parents to provide a filter for understanding these behaviors. Parents can also provide active encouragement to their children to implement positive behavior in their everyday lives. In this way, children will understand the limits of their own behavior and respect for other people that will serve them well in their interactions.

Some children are born confident, while others need more encouragement to help them bloom into their best selves. You can foster confidence and self-esteem by teaching your child their intrinsic value and the beneficial behaviors that help them to interact successfully with others. The childhood years are a time of easy learning that parents can take advantage of by being there with the guidance they need to become confident human beings. These tips constitute a good start in achieving that goal.

Tim Esterdahl

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