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Car Clear-out: How to Get Your Family Car Ready for the School Year

Car Clearout How to Get Your Family Car Ready for the School YearNow that summer is coming to an end, people from all over are getting ready to go back to school. But if your car is dirty or has a lot of clutter, it can be difficult to transport the kids, all their books, and school supplies. It’s that time of year where you become a chauffeur full-time and if you want to clean your car out so you can get it ready for the school year, then you might be wondering how to get started. Although you can do many things to get your car as clean as possible, the method you choose will depend on your habits and the amount of clutter currently in your vehicle.

Cleaning at Home
Cleaning your vehicle at home is a great place to start when your goal is to get it ready for the school year. You can use a plastic bag to collect any trash you find, but you must check under and behind the seats if you don’t want to miss anything. You can use a box to collect any items you do not want to throw away. Once you have eliminated the trash, remove and clean the floor mats. Now that you are busy cleaning, it’s also a good time to wash the outside of your car. Fill a small bucket with soapy water and get to work. After your car is spotless, hang an air freshener from the mirror as a finishing touch. 

Car Wash

When making your car look amazing is at the front of your mind, then going to the car wash is also a great option. Using a car wash is a wise choice when you don’t want to fill your personal trash can with the clutter from your car. When your car is extremely dirty, you can use a vacuum to remove dirt and other small objects from around and under your seats.

Vehicle Maintenance

As you ready your car for the fall and school year, make sure you take time to adjust some of the maintenance you’ve been putting off. Things like getting an oil change, inspecting the fluid and brakes, adjusting tire pressure, and replacing windshield wipers should be done now. A personal injury lawyer in Austin recommends you have these regular checkups to prevent wear and the chance of getting in an accident due to mechanical failure. Most of these small fixes are a lot cheaper and a lot less intensive than doing a complete repair, so make your car maintenance a priority before starting the new school year.

Preventive Steps

Now that your car is clean, it’s important you take steps to keep it that way. When possible, avoid eating or drinking in your car, and you should always remove any trash after each trip. If you insist on eating meals in your car, keep a small plastic bag on hand to collect the trash until you can remove it. It might seem like a lot of work, but keeping your car clean and organized is much easier than removing a large amount of trash at one time.
As the school season approaches, having a clean and tidy car can help you keep your sanity. When your car has a lot of clutter, losing school books and other items is easy. Clutter can also be distracting and make it hard to focus on the task at hand, but if you want to enjoy the best possible results, set aside at least an hour or two in the coming weeks to clean out your car.

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