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Career Choices That Pay Well And Allow You Help Others

With education costs spiraling upwards in unabated fashion, it literally pays to consider your career choices beforehand. Diving into any school and into any coursework has become simply impractical nowadays. Aside from a career that pays well, you’d also want your daily efforts to impact the lives of others even in the smallest way possible. If these are two goals you’re after, here’s some examples of careers that are worth looking into.

Registered Nurse

Registered nurses are front liners in hospital settings and health centers. They work side by side with doctors and other healthcare members to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment of patients with illness. Registered nurses perform physical examinations and assess health histories. This collected data is used to construct a treatment plan that best serves the patient’s condition. Registered nurses make an average of $65,000 per year, but more experienced nurses can make up to $100,000.

Police Officer

Depending on the law enforcement agency you are intending to apply to, the educational requirements may vary. While some agencies will only require applicants to have a high school diploma, most encourage officers to earn at least an associate degree in Criminal Justice so that they can advance in the career ladder. The median annual take-home pay for police officers is currently around $54,000.


You’ll find this pick to be at the bottom of most lists of top-paying jobs, but is an absolute contender in terms of meaningful work. You get to participate in the direct care of animals as well as the preservation of animal species. The environment is also very low-stress compared to your 9-5 desk job. You can either choose to teach in a classroom setting or work outside in the field and gather data up close. The median salary for zoologists is around $58,000 per year.


It takes a long period of time to become a practicing physician, yet the financial and intellectual payoff are definitely worth the time and effort you put into it. Be sure to specialize in a field you are genuinely interested in. If you are interested in studying the psychological, cognitive, social and physical aspects of aging, gerontology is a good field to pursue.  A master’s degree in gerontology can help you get the rewarding job you want in the field.

Business Owner

Although it’s sort of blurry in terms of what college coursework to pursue, being a business owner can pay well while having the potential to help both employees and customers. A degree in Business Administration, Finance, or even in the tech field can give you a competitive edge.

These five choices all yield sizable annual salaries and put you in a position to help others. Do a self-assessment of what field you are interested to contribute and master in.

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