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Careless Driving: How You Can Teach Your Teen Driver To Understand The Seriousness

Careless driving is something seen at all skill levels. Unfortunately, many drivers operate vehicles carelessly because they simply don’t understand the seriousness of their actions. A large number of careless drivers are teen drivers. Getting a new teen driver to fully grasp the necessity of safe driving is not something to be taken lightly. Below are some tips on how you can teach your teen driver to understand the serious consequences of careless driving.

Share your own driving weaknesses

Most drivers begin very cautiously, and then over time, they develop a sense of comfort and begin to take more risks than they would have when they began driving. Along with this natural tendency, is the fact that most flawed driving methods that new drivers develop at the onset of their driving experience, stay with the driver for life. This means that if you make wide turns when you learn to drive, you will likely continue to make wide turns throughout the duration of your driving lifetime. By sharing the areas where you could improve with your teen, you create a sense that skillful driving is something one needs to consistently work to improve.

Point out the carelessness of other drivers

By showing your teen driver how other drivers’ mistakes impact traffic and the other cars on the road, you will impress upon them the idea that their own careless acts will, likewise, cause complications for others who share the road with them. This exercise can also be used to teach teens to drive defensively so as to avoid the potential mistakes of other drivers on the road.

Set driving rules and enforce them

Just as with any other lessons you teach your child, having rules that are applicable and enforceable create habits. Those habits will stand in place of a physical presence by the parent when the child is alone. Make clear rules about how many passengers your teen driver may transport at one time. Another rule could involve the use of or non-use of cell phones or other hand operated devices while driving. If you find that your teen has broken any of the established rules, be sure to follow up with the pre-established punishment. While you may have clear rules, other teen drivers might not. If your child is involved in an accident as a passenger, be sure to contact a Jacksonville car accident lawyer.

Careless driving is something that can only be combated with real life knowledge and understanding of the dangers it creates. Instill good driving habits into your teen driver from the start and you can contribute to the alleviation of this dangerous practice.

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