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Child Needs Braces? 4 Ways to Help Them Through the Adjustment

Many children get very nervous when they hear that they need braces, and parents must make sure that they do everything in their power to support their kids throughout the treatment process. Spending a little extra time helping your child cope with their new braces is going to make their life much less stressful in the coming months.

Use Gum Numbing Cream

One of the reasons why many people are concerned about getting braces is because of the potential discomfort. Well before your child gets their braces, you should speak with their dentist or orthodontist about your options for minimizing their pain. Gum numbing gels and creams are a great option for younger patients because those products are easy to apply and minimize pain almost immediately.

Wax the Wires and Brackets

Another step that you can take to improve your child’s comfort is to make sure that the wires and brackets are constantly waxed. While the metal and plastic pieces should be relatively smooth, they can still irritate the gums, and that will result in quite a bit of discomfort over time. Putting wax on all of the brackets and wires will allow those materials to slide across the gums without causing irritation.

Consider Clear Braces

If your child is nervous about the appearance of traditional metal braces, then you might want to go with clear braces such as Invisalign. Instead of having metal brackets on their teeth, they can simply use clear plastic trays that can be removed at any time. As long as the trays are left in their mouth for at least 20 hours a day, those devices will continue to pull their teeth back into alignment.

Invest in a Water Pick

Once the braces are in place, flossing with traditional rolls of floss will be nearly impossible. That is one of the reasons why many dentists tell their patients to invest in water picks. With a water pick, food debris is going to be dislodged from the teeth with a powerful stream of water. As an added bonus, water picks are also much gentler on the gums, and that will mean less bleeding and inflammation when it comes time to clean their teeth.

While the idea of getting braces put on one’s teeth can seem overwhelming, those medical devices are extremely important. Getting braces will greatly reduce your child’s risk of countless oral health problems ranging from dental fractures to speech impediments.

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