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Children Getting Bored? 4 At-Home Activities That Will Make Summer More Fun

You are halfway through the summer and the kids are restless. If you have to hear, “I’m bored!” one more time, you aren’t quite sure what is going to happen. Now is time to break out these four at-home activities that will turn your summer around.

Outdoor Water Games

Channel your inner summer camp counselor and declare it “Water Day.” Swimsuits and sunscreen are the only pre-planning necessary as you and the kids gather outside with buckets, cups, sponges, balloons, and permission to turn the hose on full blast. Create silly relay games like seeing who can fill the bucket with tiny cups the fastest. Or toss water balloons from increasingly longer distances to see who can toss the furthest without breaking their balloon.

Create a Cold Treasure Hunt

While this one takes a day or two pre-planning, kids of all ages will appreciate the opportunity to dig into a huge ice block full of toys. Fill a shoebox sized plastic container with two inches of water and a couple of toys. Freeze it for a few hours and then add two more inches of water and more toys. It is okay if some stick out. Continue until the container is full and frozen. Give your children a spray bottle, spoons, and some paintbrushes. Then, turn the frozen block of ice onto the ground and let them dig in for a couple of hours of cold fun.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Too hot to be outside? Bored with all the usual indoor activities? Enlist your older children to create a scavenger hunt that can be played indoors. Create clever clues that eventually lead to a treat, like a new movie, book, or home baked cookies. Make sure you have at least one reader to help with the clues.

Groovy Lava Lamps

For the bravest of parents, we have this final activity. Using items you probably already have at home, you can turn mason jars into fascinating lava lamps. Although glitter, like that from Mardi Gras Supplies, is optional and not completely necessary, it can make the activity a lot more fun. Once you have mixed water, vegetable oil, and glitter into any clear, glass container, just drop in an antacid tablet and watch the magic happen.

Each of these four activities will occupy your children just long enough for you to catch a break from constant complaints of boredom. Change a few details and some of these can be repeated again and again. Then, every summer your family can look forward to repeating these boredom busters and creating new family traditions.

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