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Chores for Children: 4 Tasks that Build Character

You may have heard that it’s good to get your kids started doing chores around the house at an early age. This can be difficult to accomplish on a consistent basis. Here are some ways to make it fun and help to shape your child’s character at the same time.

Pick up Game

The end of the day often finds the floor of every room littered with toys and other debris. You have the option of cleaning it up all by yourself after the kids go to bed or you can have them help with this task. Devise a song or some other gimmick to encourage your kids to clean it up as quickly as possible. Make it a race or something of a similar nature. It teaches your kids to take pride in the things that they own and they will in turn take better care of them.

Eliminate the Bed Monster

That rumpled and unmade bed may be one of your greatest pet peeves. Kids don’t understand that being tidy will help them later in life. Tell your kids that the bed monster will crawl into their beds and make themselves at home if they can get between the sheets during the day. Doing this everyday will help your kids to learn to be more responsible when it comes to keeping their rooms clean.

Help with Meal Prep

Your kids are more likely to become picky eaters if they’re used to food just appearing in front of them. Helping to prepare the meals and select their own food choices will encourage them to be more adventurous in their eating habits. Another thing to consider is extension power cord safety in the kitchen. Many of the appliances that you have on the counter can prove to be problematic for your kids. Safety is always a good lesson to teach your children.

Encourage Imitation

At a young age, kids seem to want to imitate their parents. Foster this love of wanting to do some of the same things as you around the house. Purchase child sized cleaning implements so that you can all clean the house together. This will help your child to develop a strong work ethic that will help them in school and later in their careers. It will also get them ready to be able to complete chores on their own.

Even the simplest of chores can help your child to develop into a productive member of society. Make it fun so that you can keep them interested in the task at hand.

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