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Cleaning Up: Tips for De-Cluttering More Safely

A cluttered house might be the sign of a clear mind, but it can also be the sign of safety hazards. Keeping a clutter free environment at home is important for many reasons. It’s a good habit to teach kids, a way to keep things hygienic, and de-cluttering can be a good way to get rid of unwanted items and live more simply. Consider these four ways reducing clutter makes your home safer.


When the floor is strewn with clutter and you have to trek across the house at night, your chances of tripping increase. It takes your eyes a while to adjust and in that time a pile of books becomes a stumbling block, sending you careering down the hallway. While you are still learning to tackle your clutter problem, consider at least making a smooth pass through your nightly path until you can make bigger strides in being safe.


Imagine a mother’s horror if a child found some cleaning solution that had never been put away because it was overtaken by clutter. Do not take the chance of finding yourself in a similar situation. Resolve to put things away as soon as you come home so nothing gets left out and forgotten. This is the best way to upkeep good cleaning habits once you get things de-cluttered.


Unfortunately, sometimes clutter leads to tiny houseguests you would rather stay outside. When the clutter is bad enough, food wrappers and food crumbs can get lost in the mix. Those are a clear invitation for bugs to come and hang out in your home, waiting for the next lunch bag to be forgotten and lost. A pest control company in Boise, ID says to make sure all food in the pantry and fridge is secure from pests and won’t get taken out of the kitchen while you rid your home of pests.


Paper clutter is increasingly common as companies try to handle everything online and switch over and overlooking the mail gets easier when you believe there is nothing important in it. Sadly, some companies will not have access to your email address and the statement of bill they send you could get lost. The hazard here is to your pocket book in the form of late fees and possibly even a hit to your credit score for making a payment late. When you check the mail, go through it right away and put the important, actionable items in a place where they will get handled.

When faced with the need to declutter, follow these simple safety steps. Push aside stumbling blocks, find a place for everything you bring into your home, fight bugs with pest control, and handle mail right away.

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