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Cleaning Your Home And Saving The Envirornment At The Same Time: 4 Cleaning Tips You Should Consider

A lot of folks believe that cleaning a home with cleansers full of chemicals that can’t possibly be found in nature is simply the easiest way to go. While using harsh cleansers might make short work out of an especially tough layer of grime, it might leave behind a residue that’s not particularly healthy for children, pets or even the quality of the air in the home. It’s also wasteful to toss perfectly recyclable materials in with the rest of the garbage where they could end up in a useless landfill. Here are four cleaning tips to consider to keep your home clean while saving the environment:

1. Use Kinder, Gentler Cleansers

Many homeowners who have relied on harsh chemicals are surprised to learn that gentler and more natural ones work just as well. Among them are:

  • Borax – This mineral is used as both a disinfectant and a whitener when it’s added to the wash.
  • Baking Soda – This is very nearly a miracle cleaner. It’s a mild abrasive that’s used to add sparkle to chrome fixtures, to clean the inside of refrigerators and ovens, to remove coffee and red wine stains, to remove mildew from shower stalls and shower curtains and, when used in combination with vinegar and boiling water, to clear out clogged drains.
  • Vinegar – This mild acid isn’t just good for livening up salad dressings. It’s good for washing windows and removing limescale and stains from bathroom fixtures.
  • Olive Oil – Olive oil will take fingerprints off of stainless steel. When mixed with vinegar, it’s an excellent floor polish. Mixed with water and lemon, it’s also good for polishing furniture.

2. Use Cold Water for the Laundry

A washing machine must use a great deal of energy just to heat up the water. Separate clothes into what can be washed in cold water and what needs to be washed in warm or hot water. Even if the clothes need hot water, like towels that have been used by sick family members, choose a cold rinse cycle.

3. Make a Deal With a Garbage Recycling Company

There are some companies that will come and pick up your garbage and recycle it for you. They’ll even rent you special garbage bins for your and their convenience. King Recycling & Waste Disposal Inc who does waste management in Toronto is a good example of one of those companies that offer the above mentioned services.

4. Clean the Air With Natural Products

Instead of chemical laden air fresheners which just cover up odors, dissolve vinegar and baking soda in water. This formula will actually absorb bad odors.

These are only four tips that will not only keep a home clean, but will help the environment as well.

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