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Cold and Flu Season: The Best Practices to Taking Care of Your New Family

Cold and flu season isn’t a walk in the park. When everyone around you is getting sick, it can be challenging to take care of yourself and your family. However, if you add these tips to your regular regimen, you’ll be in much better shape. Consider these four best practices that you can adopt.

Vitamins & Nutrients

Your body thrives on the nutrition you give it. If you and your family are constantly eating junk food, it’ll be easier for you all to get sick. Make sure that your family has access to fresh fruits and vegetables at every meal. If you are going to eat cooked vegetables, don’t forget to include raw ones. The raw vegetables include the most nutrients. Take Vitamin C and a good multi-vitamin every day. These types of vitamins will help your immune system to make it through the cold and flu season.


Water is an amazingly powerful agent that the body needs. Water flushes out the toxins. It’s also important to drink water on a consistent basis because your body needs it in order to thrive. Help your family develop a strong routine of drinking water by making a game out of it. Make sure that everyone drinks two bottles in the morning, two bottles in the afternoon and two more bottles in the evening. The bottles can vary in size based on the individual drinking.

Cold Treatments

There are some many ways to approach the onset of a cold or the flu. If someone in your family is beginning to get sick, it’s a good idea to stay on top of that with as many remedies as possible. You can also take a holistic approach by using a mix of homeopathic remedies and cold treatments. You can use steam treatments and chest ointments to work on the sinuses at the same time.


If you maintain a clean environment, it’ll be harder for germs and bacteria to manifest. Keep the air clean by opening the windows for at least fifteen minutes each day. Continue to sanitize the air with essential oils in a diffuser. Utilize the power of disinfecting sprays and hand sanitizers as well.

It’s also good to remember to regularly exercise and get lots of rest. When you utilize these two tactics, you’ll continue to make your body stronger and healthier. As you apply these best practices to your life, you’ll see how helpful they’ll be for increasing your overall quality of life.

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