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Collector in the Fam? 4 Fun Items Worth Collecting

Collecting is a challenging and fun activity that can be enjoyed by practically anyone. Collectors get to enjoy both the thrill of hunting down hard-to-find items and the pride of displaying their finds for others to see. Here are four of the best items you can collect if you’re the collector in your family.


Coin collecting is one of the most widely enjoyed types of collecting. Whether you want to focus on old American coins or world coinage, there are a virtually limitless number of coin dates and variants out there to add to your collection. Coin collecting is also a great chance to learn a bit about history, as many antique coins carry interesting stories from their time periods.

Rare Books

Collecting rare books can be a fascinating hobby for anyone who enjoys reading. Adding books to your collection will give you not only satisfaction as a collector but also hours of enjoyment in the form of reading. Best of all, rare books make great display pieces in the home and are sure to be conversation starters whenever you have guests over.

Baseball Cards

If you’ve always loved sports, baseball card collecting may be just the ticket for you. Baseball cards have been bought and cherished by sports fans for decades and are still made today. As a result, collectors have many opportunities to find the cards of their favorite players past and present. Some cards are also extremely valuable, making them wise investments as well as great collector pieces.


Not every popular collectible item is man-made. Fossil collecting is a fascinating way to bring part of the earth’s natural beauty and history into your home. Fossil collectors often choose to go out into the field and dig up their own finds, an activity that will give you plenty of time outdoors in the fresh air. To really pad out your collection, though, you’ll likely need to find a good fossil and gemstone dealer. The best part about collecting fossils is that each specimen is completely unique. As with rare books, fossils will also look great when displayed prominently in your home.

These are only a few of the almost boundless selection of items for collectors to focus on. If you’ve always been the collector in your family, one or more of these items may pique your interest and give you an entirely new hobby to enjoy for the rest of your life.

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