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College Scholarships From Ford Motor Company – Who They’re For and How to Get Them

Many large, successful companies seek to turn some of the rewards of their business out toward the benefit of the public good; one of those is Ford Motor Company. Founded by Henry Ford, the company is over a hundred years old, and became so successful that Henry Ford was able to partake in a number of philanthropic efforts. Today, Ford offers a number of scholarship programs to assist young people in earning a quality college education.

Thinking about furthering your education?Maybe a Ford Motor Company Scholarship will help.

Among these are:

  • Programs specifically for minorities such as Hispanic students and American Indians
  • Scholarships for students aspiring to work in specific disciplines like engineering, law, journalism, or even agriculture

Ford provides funding to the American Indian College Fund, the Detroit Free Press Journalism Scholarship, the Hispanic College Fund, the Smithsonian Latino Center Young Ambassadors Program, the Ford Global Scholars Program, and the Thurgood Marshall College Fund.

Many of these are tailored specifically for students of minority groups, but that’s not the only requirement — most of these have their own criteria for selection, like a high GPA or a demonstrated financial need. Here are some great ways to make sure to qualify for one of these scholarships when the time comes.
Fast-Track Tips For Ford Motor Company College Scholarships

  1. Maintain a high GPA. Most scholarships require at least a 3.0— but the higher, the better.
  2. Participate in extracurricular activities. Whether it’s practicing an art or playing a sport, enriching yourself outside of academic activities is a great way to differentiate your scholarship application.
  3. Volunteer. If you work to benefit your community, you are demonstrating selflessness and work ethic — both qualities scholarship applicants should exemplify, and scholarship programs reward.
  4. Lead. Run for office in your student body or another organization and demonstrate that you have leadership ability — this is important to many scholarship grantors, and it will set you apart from other applicants.
  5. Preparation is key. When it comes down to filling out those scholarship applications, stay organized and focused. Keep track of your deadlines and, if you have to write an essay, do it in advance so you have time for more drafts.

And remember: if you don’t get awarded a scholarship, it’s not a reflection on your character or your ability to succeed. Some of these are very competitive, so just keep working at it and don’t lose sight of your goal of a college education.

For more information on Ford’s scholarship programs, visit

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