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Common Car Accident Injuries You Shouldn’t Delay Fixing

Surprisingly, more people than you might think refuse treatment after being involved in a car accident. They assume that the damage to their body was minimal because the damage to their car was minor. The fact is that car accidents are very traumatic mentally and physically. A person that is involved in a car accident is not thinking clearly and should seek treatment immediately. Below are common car accident injuries you shouldn’t delay fixing.

Neck Injuries

Often, neck and shoulder injury symptoms do not appear until several hours after the car accident occurred. This could be anywhere from a minor ache to severe whiplash. This is a sure sign the muscles and ligaments in the neck area were damaged. This injury places a lot of strain on the neck and shoulders, which could lead to more severe problems requiring intensive therapy with a professional chiropractor.

Head Injuries

A lot of people complain about a pounding headache anywhere from a few hours after the accident to a couple days. While this could be due to the emotional trauma suffered during the accident, it’s more likely that the headache is symptomatic of a brain injury or concussion. A concussion happens when the brain is severely shaken—probably caused by being against the windshield of the car or from a sudden strong jerk in an unexpected direction. Any head injury is serious and should be treated immediately.

Abdominal Pain

Some people might think abdominal pain occurred because of the seat belt holding them back in their seat. Think again. Abdominal pain might suggest there’s a more severe injury in the body. For example, internal bleeding might be present along with a number of internal injuries.

Knees and Legs

Take close note of the way you feel after the accident. Perhaps, you noticed cuts and bruises on your legs or knees. Generally, injuries happen to the knees and lower legs because the individual is thrown up against an object or the car was hit hard and objects smashed into their legs and/or knees. Knees can get dislocated, ankles broken, and toes ruptured. Seek treatment immediately for any lower body injuries to the legs.

Back Injuries

Many people injure their backs somehow in car accidents, but it might only manifest as a slight pain at first. If left unchecked, that pain can grow and spread throughout your back and into your neck or glutes. Chiropractors have many treatment options at their disposal from acupuncture to massage therapy to chiropractic electrical stimulation. Back injuries can cause pressure and damage to the spine, which can lead to chronic pain that requires long-term specialized treatment. The longer you wait to fix whatever happened, the longer it will take the chiropractor to help you,

Anyone who has experienced severe pain or the above injuries after a car accident should seek immediate treatment. Even if you feel like you can’t afford treatment, every day you delay could lead to more damage which will cost even more to fix later.

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