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Common Foods And Drinks That Could Be Causing Major Damage To Your Kids’ Teeth

One of the most common oral problems with young kids includes cavities. In most cases, too much consumption of candy and sugar may be the main cause. It’s important to know the common foods and drinks that could be causing damage to their teeth:


Carbonated drinks may contain elements corrosive to the tooth enamel. Continuous use of soda drinks in kids could lead to cavities that cause pain when the living part of the tooth is exposed. The living part of the teeth contains blood capillaries and nerve endings. Extreme cases of cavities require root canals to solve the problem.

Processed curbs

Children are very particular in their food taste. They tend to stick to the same kinds of food they appreciate. The biggest threat is highly processed foods. Some of the foods include bread and some types of pasta. The foods break down to simple sugars at a fast rate. They tend to stick to the teeth. If the situation prolongs for long, kids are exposed to dental problems such as tooth cavities and gum problems.


Crispy foods

Children love crunch and crispy snacks such as crackers and potato crisps. The snacks could be harmful to their teeth in two ways. First, the breakdown of the munchies to simple sugars could bring tooth cavities. The snacks are most times sharp and may injure the gums. The tearing of the gums causing a wound could lead to infections that may spread. 

Fruits snacks

Fruit snacks are not the healthiest alternative to actual fruit. Fruit snacks tend to be very sticky. After consumption, they cling more to the teeth. The residue then quickly breaks down to sugar that encourages bacteria that could eat up the enamel. The ends result if not promptly addressed are cavities. 

Fruit juices

Many children don’t like drinking plain water, and juice is an option many parents use to keep them hydrated. However, fruits are full of natural sugars with the same effects as the other sugars on teeth. Giving kids the juices for longer periods often through sippy cups exposes the teeth to the sugars.

Regular brushing of the teeth combined with fluoride treatment can help avoid teeth problems. It’s also important to get regular checkups with professionals like those at Claremont Dental Institute. By helping kids eat healthy and learn good oral care at a young age, you can help prevent painful dental problems.


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