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Communal Car: How to Successfully Share One Car Amongst the Whole Fam

Although sharing a car among several drivers might not be your first choice, it is an affordable way to get to where you need to be. Sharing a vehicle allows you to split the payments and other costs of car ownership. In a house where several children and a parent or just the kids share the car, it is important to consider how to care for the communal family vehicle.

Keeping the Vehicle’s Interior Clean

When a vehicle is shared between two or more drivers, you will not be able to keep all of your own sundries in it. Consider keeping all of your driving essentials in a backpack that you can grab on your way out the door. When you’re done with your drive, you can simply take your bag out of the car. This helps to ensure that your sunglasses, lip balm, tissues, snacks and other items are not left in the way of another driver. Remove any trash when you get out of the car so that it’s clean for the next person.

Visiting a Car Dealership

It is always a good idea to bring all of the drivers with you to the car dealership. This allows everybody to sit in the driver’s seat and make sure they are comfortable and can easily operate the vehicle. If the drivers are of considerably different heights, the vehicle you choose could be more comfortable for one person than another. Each of the drivers should also do their own test drive in order to get a feel for how the vehicle handles while on the road. You could try out several vehicles to see which car, minivan, truck or SUV seems to work the best for everyone who will be driving it.

Readjusting the Seats and Mirrors

When the people who drive a car are of different heights, it will be necessary to make adjustments to the placement of the driver’s seat and the angles of the rear view and side view mirrors. Newer vehicles offer programmable driver settings that allow you to set the mirror and seat placement once. Each time you get into the vehicle after that, it remembers where you want the mirrors and seat to be replaced. A car dealership, like St. George Hyundai dealership, may be able to direct you to the vehicles that offer this feature. If you have a car that does not allow for automatic adjustments, you will need to adjust the mirrors and seat manually before you start driving. If you are short and the other driver is tall, consider putting the seat all the way back when you exit the car. This will prevent the other driver from bashing his or her knees into the steering column.

Setting Up Musical Preferences

If you have a smartphone and your shared car offers the necessary ports or audio connections to play music from your phone, take advantage of this convenience. This allows each driver to listen to what they want when they drive. If one or all of the drivers of the car do not have this capability, consider radio station presets. Each driver can use a few of the presets to program their preferred station. This makes tuning the radio easier than having to scan through all of the available FM or AM stations.

Each driver who has privileges behind the wheel must also share in caring for the vehicle, keeping it clean and filling it with gas. The responsibility of ownership will be a good lesson for all of the vehicle’s drivers. These tips will also help to reduce squabbling and keep everyone respectful of each other and of the vehicle itself.

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