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Cringe-worthy Closets: How to Clean Up Your Organizer Act

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as running late for a meeting when you know your perfect blouse was just washed and should be hanging in your closet, yet all of your digging and frantic tossing of items doesn’t reveal it. As much as you might hate to admit it, it’s time to reorganize your closet space. From shoes scattered in piles, purses shoved high on the top rack, and clothes scattered everywhere, a disorganized closet is a waste of space, as well as your precious time.

Instead of looping belts and scarves over your closet’s rod, or worse, delegating them to the floor, mount a pegboard into your closet to give you an easy view of all of your accessories. Simply insert peg hooks into the board and you have the perfect place to hang scarves, belts, purses and other accessories in your closet. You can even just insert small pins to hang necklaces and earrings for easy display and access.


There are many options for rearranging your shoe collection, and none of them include piling them in the corner of your closet. Instead, you might choose to keep the original shoeboxes and stack them neatly, ensuring the color and type of shoes are noted in large permanent marker on the outside of the box. This will enable you to grab those black sling backs in a hurry, when you’re headed out on a date. If you want to free up shelving space, you might invest in an over-the-door shoe organizer. With these, you simply slide your shoes into the pockets as a pair and grab and go.

Your Clothes
Even when you try to keep your clothes organized, it never fails that your dresses get mixed up with your shirts, and your nice blouses end up hidden behind your suits. An easy trick to organizing your clothes in a snap is color coding your hangers. Instead of using a monochromatic color scheme with your hangers, invest in a rainbow of colors. You might choose to hang your blouses on pink hangers, your slacks on black, and your dresses on white. This will not only enable you to hang as well as rearrange your clothes easier, it will enable you to quickly eyeball your closet and know where your favorite sweater is hiding.

If you seriously want to change up your closet, you might call a local Comfort King Windows & Doors Ltd company and they can assist you in creating a whole new wardrobe for your clothes and accessories. This way you can get rid of those clunky folding doors and get double wide Ottawa doors to open up more space. Yet if you are simply looking for a way to easily spruce up your closet space, these steps will help you clean up your act.

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