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Critical Parenting Moments: Four Ideas For Helping Your Pregnant Teen

Your teenage daughter has just informed you that she is pregnant. So many things rush through your mind at a time like this. You may have doubts about your parenting skills. You may wonder what went wrong. These are valid reactions. However, your child is in an extremely vulnerable spot and really needs you to keep it together. She is relying on you to help her make important decisions that will affect her life forever.

Here are some ideas to help you handle this delicate situation:

Talk About Options

Have a calm and frank discussion with your daughter about what her options are at this stage. Whatever choice she makes is going to depend on how far along she is and her unique individual circumstances. It may very well be that she has not even considered what to do. She’s young and scared. Try to explain things without coming across as judgmental. She needs a solution that feels right to her. If she says she wants to have the baby but you feel she is too immature to raise a child, bring up adoption. Let her know why you think this is the best option for the baby.

Consider Counseling

Being pregnant before adulthood can be very stressful. Your teen must deal with all the consequences of how friends, family and even teacher react. She may have feelings of guilt or shame. The father of the baby may or may not want anything to do with her. She may be depressed, angry or have unrealistic ideas about parenthood.

Seek out counseling for your teen. Make an appointment to see a family counselor. Talking openly about her feelings in a safe environment can help her stay mentally and emotionally stable.

Take Her to the Doctor

It is important to bring your teen to a qualified OBGYN as soon as possible. A doctor can assess her condition and give her good advice on everything involved with pregnancy at a young age. If there are any risks to her health, you will find this out too.

Be Supportive

Knowing your teen is pregnant causes a lot of stress in your life. There is a nagging worry about her future and the future of her baby. Despite your own feelings always let her know that you are in her corner. Your unconditional support is crucial.

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