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Death in the Family? How to Pay Tribute to Your Loved One

Coping with a death in the family means that you need to do something that will give you closure. Having a funeral is the traditional way of achieving this goal. Here are some of the other means in which you can pay tribute to your loved one.

Donate in Their Honor

Having donations sent to the charity of your loved one’s choice is one option that you can do instead of people sending you flowers. This will enable your loved one’s passing to bring some meaning. This could mean that you donate to a research organization, a local animal shelter, or even that you commission an object to the placed at their favorite location. All of these ways help to give others closure because they feel as though they are contributing to a cause.

Look Into Funeral Services

Speaking with a funeral home can give you ideas about how you want to celebrate your loved one’s life. Another good thing about working with a funeral home is that they can help you to make the arrangements in order to give yourself time to cope with your loss. There are lots of little details that will need to be taken care of in the days following your loved one’s passing. A funeral home can point you in the right direction and help to alleviate some of your burden.

Create a Remembrance Display

There are lots of different types of remembrance displays that you can create for your loved one. Taking the time to write a meaningful obituary ensures that future generations will have something to hold onto. Other displays include putting together a picture memory board or a slideshow of pictures that can be exhibited at the funeral service. The point of a funeral is to remember the good things about your loved one.

Plan a Meaningful Send-off

A meaningful sendoff will depend on the personality of your loved one and how you want to get some closure. You could write a special poem or eulogy to read at the funeral. Another option is to select music that best represented your loved one to play. Some people may want a more private service. Doing things like sending off balloons with messages for your loved one is something that you can do that may help you through the closure process.

There’s no right or wrong way to go about saying good-bye to your loved one. Using these ideas can help you to get through it and start coping with your grief.

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