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Delaying a Move Until Later in the Year? Here’s 4 Ways to Prepare Properly

Making a move is a major undertaking that you’ve probably scheduled right down to the last detail. Sometimes, though, you may have to postpone even the best-planned move due to circumstances beyond your control. It’s frustrating and disappointing, but it’s also an opportunity. Here are four things you can do with those extra months you just added to your schedule.

Reduce Clutter

A few extra months will mean at least one more season’s worth of wardrobe. Look at this time as an opportunity to eliminate things that the kids have outgrown or that simply aren’t used anymore. This can mean anything from clothes to outdoor toys. Whatever excess you have, sell it, donate it, or trash it so that you don’t have to pack it, move it, and unpack it when the move comes back around.

Examine the Real Estate Market

If you haven’t signed a contract for your new place, use the extra time to dig a little further into the market. There are more single family homes for sale in each day’s listings, one of which might be just the place for you. The more time you have to compare your options, the more likely you are to find the right home for you and, just as importantly, to find out which one is the wrong home for you.

Reconsider Financing

You may have a rate locked in that sounds good right now, but a lot can happen in a few months. Before closing, revisit your lender and see if there may be a way to get your rate even lower. Even half a point can really add up over a period of ten or 15 years, so monitor the mortgage market closely for those opportunities. A few months of monitoring can save you thousands over the life of the loan.

Do Some Advance Packing

Packing can be an overwhelming task when you have to do all of it in a short time frame. When you have extra weeks to prepare, it can be made much easier. If you’re moving in October, go ahead and get all your Christmas decorations and winter items boxed up, labeled, and stacked. As you finish with summer items, do the same. You should be able to get a big part of your belongings gathered and packed after you’re finished with them. At moving time, your packing to-do list will be much shorter.

Moving is a big job no matter when you do it, but you can save yourself time, money, and headache when you take advantage of the time bought by a delayed relocation.

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