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Distracted Driver: How to Find Peace in Your Mini Van

distracted-driver-how-to-find-peace-in-your-mini-vanFor many people, it can be difficult to drive when you have kids screaming or fighting in the backseat of the car. Mini vans are known to welcome chaos due to multiple people that can fit inside and it seems every trip to soccer practice or the store turns into a huge annoying outing for moms who are full-time chauffeurs. To ensure you don’t become a distracted driver while on the road, there are a few ways to find peace while driving your mini van.

Install DVD Players

You can pass the time in the car for your kids and help them to be distracted from distracting you, by putting on their favorite movie. Although you may not want them to have too much screen time, it will allow them to stay occupied with a film on long drives where they might otherwise become bored.

Bring Games

Pack a few travel board games that your kids can play in the car when they need entertainment while traveling to school or doctor’s appointments. Some games often use magnetic pieces that will prevent small parts from falling off as you drive over bumps or make turns. Your kids can have fun playing chess, checkers, or cards while spending time in the backseat together

Play Sing-Along Songs

Your family can enjoy listening to music if you play sing-along songs on the radio or put on a CD that you own. Distract your kids by playing calm music that will offer a bit of fun and will prevent them from throwing tantrums or causing too much noise in the van.

Pack Books or Magazines

Allow your kids to learn in the car with books or magazines that you pack in the backseat, which they can use at any time. You can also bring along trivia cards or flashcards that will allow them to practice reading or counting. 

Establish Rules

Make it a point to establish a few rules while driving in your car to ensure your family behaves while on the road. Rules like, no food in the car or other distractions like changing clothing until the car has stopped can be good starting points. Bachus & Shanker Law, who handle Colorado Auto Accidents say most accidents happen within just a few miles of home. Don’t allow yourself to become relaxed in familiar areas. Just taking your eyes off for a second can mean disaster if you’re not careful. This will allow you to avoid distractions and reduce the risk of an accident.

Although it can be chaotic driving around with your family in your mini van, there are several ways to drive around peacefully and reduce your risk of an accident. By bringing items that can keep your kids occupied, it’ll be easier to enjoy a smoother ride in the van while driving around town.

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