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Do Your Parents Need Assisted Living? 4 Common Signs to Look For

As your parents age, you’ll find that you may have to make difficult choices. One of the most difficult is the choice of where your parent will live. While he or she may want to stay at home, you may ultimately need to find a safer and more supportive environment for him or her. Below are four common signs that it’s time to start looking into assisted living.

They’ve Started Staying Home

There comes a point at which individuals have difficulty leaving their homes on their own. It might be due to a lack of mobility or just a lack of transportation options, but when individuals get stuck at home things can start to deteriorate. If you notice that your parents aren’t leaving the house without someone else encouraging them to do so, it might be time to start looking for an environment that will encourage them to keep interacting with the world. Loneliness is a top killer of seniors, so it’s best to take measures to prevent them spending too much time alone.

You’re Short on Time

It’s a good thing to want to take care of your parents. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to live your own life and still have time to provide the level of care that your parents might need. If you find yourself unable to balance your job, your family, and caring for your parents, it might be time to look into an assisted living facility. Doing so doesn’t mean you don’t care for your parents – it just means that you have a realistic outlook on what you can provide.

They’ve Stopped Eating

Another good reason to look into getting help has more to do with health. If your parents have started skipping meals, there might be more going on than just an interest in intermittent fasting. Your parent might need help preparing food or might even need reminders to eat. If he or she has reached this point, getting professional assistance is a must.

There’s Been a Fall

The most common reason to look into assisted care is feeling like your parent isn’t safe on his or her own. A fall is a common inciting incident, as it shows both that your parent’s home may not be safe for him or her and that there may be future situations that require rapid responses. If your parent falls, it’s past time to start looking for help.

It’s important to remember that you aren’t failing a parent if you can’t take care of him or her. Instead, you’re really doing what’s best to make sure your parent stays healthy and safe. If you feel like you’ve encountered any of the situations above, it’s time to talk to professionals about getting your parent into an assisted living facility.

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