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Does Your Child Love Sports? 3 Career Paths They’ll Likely Enjoy

Not everyone who enjoys watching sports has the athletic ability to play them. Even those who enjoy playing the games are often unable to make a living playing. If your child loves all things sports related but isn’t likely to go pro, here are a handful of interesting careers that will keep them close to the action.

Sports Medicine

Those who enjoy sports and helping others will find themselves at home in the field of sports medicine. From physical therapists who help athletes regain strength after an injury to sports psychologists who help improve players’ mental focus, medical jobs are in high demand throughout the sports industry. This is true even at the high school level, where athletic departments are increasingly required to provide AED devices and train staff on how to use them.

Criminal Justice

While a criminal justice career path may seem to travel away from sports, there are actually many areas within the industry where a bachelors in criminal justice is helpful. After studying criminal justice, graduates often find jobs as security guards or game wardens. Security staff are always needed at sporting events and play an important role in keeping spectators safe. If your child enjoys boating, fishing, hiking, hunting and other outdoor sports, their criminal justice training can open the door to a career working as a fish or game warden. These law enforcement officials work outdoors protecting our natural resources and the people who enjoy them.


Sports statistics aren’t just for the back of trading cards. Teams and individual athletes study statistics, looking for patterns and trends they can use to improve their performance. As a sports statistician, your child will combine sports and numbers in a meaningful way that helps fans and players alike. While some statisticians work in an office, others are known as statistician recorders. These statisticians attend games and sporting events, recording statistics in real time. They may even help resolve disputes when players and coaches disagree with referees. The demand for statisticians is on the rise, making it a good time to consider this career.

Dieticians, accountants, coaches and officials are all needed by sports teams. Though often thought of as a recreational activity, sports provide a wide variety of jobs to a large number of people. If your child has an interest in sports, it’s quite likely that there is a job in the industry that matches his or her talents and other interests. Whether your child is a player or a spectator, there is plenty of room in the industry for anyone with an interest.

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