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Does Your Teen Play Sports? Tips to Help You Prevent Them From Getting Injuries

More teens get injured while playing sports than most parents expect, so it’s critical to think about your child’s safety when he or she plays sports. Fortunately, going over these safety rules and always following them will help you keep your child safe from injury.

Take Your Teen to the Doctor

Before your teen starts playing sports, it’s a good idea to take him or her to the doctor for an athletic physical. Many schools and intramural teams require these anyway, but regardless, it’s important to set an appointment. This is necessary to ensure that your son or daughter isn’t at an increased risk of getting hurt while playing sports.

Invest in a Custom Mouthguard

Your child could chip, break or lose a tooth while playing sports, particularly contact sports or those that have an increased risk of falling. Fortunately, your family dentist can fit your teen for a custom mouthguard, which will help keep your son or daughter’s teeth safe in the event of a fall, say the experts at Polo Park Dental Centre.

Make Sure There is Enough Supervision

Even teens should be well-supervised when playing sports. Make sure that enough adults are on hand to supervise, and consider offering to extend a helping hand if necessary. Also, consider encouraging coaches and supervisors to take CPR classes. This will help ensure that the kids will stay safe if an accident occurs.

Take Claims of Injuries Seriously

Don’t just assume that your teen is trying to skip practice if he or she complains about an injury. Even if you don’t think that there’s anything to worry about, it’s better to be safe than sorry. By catching any small injuries that your teen might have, his or her doctor can help prevent further and more serious injuries.

Make Sure Your Teen’s Safety Equipment Fits Properly

Many school and intramural teams are short on funds and have kids share equipment. This can result in teens who end up with equipment that doesn’t fit properly, so make sure that you check your child’s equipment for a proper fit. If necessary, consider investing in your child’s own safety equipment. It will be worth it when it prevents your son or daughter from injured.

Keep Your Teen Well-Hydrated

Many teens like drinking sugary energy drinks, juices and sodas, but these aren’t the best thing to keep your teen hydrated while playing sports. Encourage your child to bring along a water bottle and to drink plenty of water while practicing and playing. Sports drinks are also a good choice to replenish all that is lost in sweat.

Although you’re probably proud of your teen for being involved in sports, you are probably also at least a little bit worried about his or her safety. Remember these tips, and use your best judgment to help keep your child safe while he or she is playing sports.

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