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Does Your Teenager Really Need Their Wisdom Teeth Out?

Wisdom teeth removal is often considered a rite of passage that every teenager must endure, but this procedure is not always necessary for everyone. If you have a teenager who is contemplating having his or her wisdom teeth removed, there are some key pieces of information that you should know so that both of you can make the best decision.

14209441301_092ab2732b_kWhen Wisdom Teeth Removal is Not Necessary

If your teen’s wisdom teeth are healthy and able to come in fully, they probably will not need to be extracted. Wisdom teeth that align correctly with other molars and are able to be cleaned easily will also likely be okay if they remain in the mouth. Family First Dentistry LLC or other such dentists in your area can further advise you on whether or not your teen’s wisdom teeth should be removed.

When Wisdom Teeth Removal is Necessary

Any wisdom teeth that are causing pain or coming in crooked will need to be removed. Complications can also arise if teeth only partially emerge through the gums. If there is not enough space in your teenager’s mouth for his or her wisdom teeth to come in correctly, extraction will also be necessary. Wisdom teeth may also press up against other molars and damage them.

Possible Consequences

Any problematic wisdom teeth that are not pulled can cause serious complications. These teeth may become impacted and cause mouth infections. According to WebMD, cysts can also form around wisdom teeth and lead to jaw and nerve damage. Sinus pressure and pain may arise due to extra pressure from the molars. In some cases, tumors have formed because of complications with wisdom teeth. Like with all other molars, wisdom teeth can form cavities, and your teen’s dentist will likely recommend pulling them instead of inserting fillings.

Timing of Removal

If wisdom teeth need to be removed, many oral surgeons agree that it is best to extract the molars when a patient is younger in order to lessen the chances of heavy bleeding and other problems. Teeth are also easier to remove from younger patients because their roots are not as fully developed as an adult’s, which can make the recovery process from surgery faster.

Deciding on whether or not to have your teen’s wisdom teeth removed depends on many different factors. Talking to your child’s dentist can help you reach the best decision.

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