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Dog Accessories for Your Family’s Active Pup

There’s a dog for every kind of owner, including more active owners. If you know your dog is going to be active, then you need to make sure you incorporate that into the accessories you purchase for your pet, and the following are a few things to consider.

Good Booties

The type of dog sport gear you need depends on the kind of activities you plan to do with your dogs. For example, those who know they’ll be sledding through snow will probably be happy with good booties for your pet.

These are usually made of a strong material like nylon and are there to protect your dog’s paws. Yes, many breeds can deal with snow, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t appreciate a little help. You’ll be keeping your dog healthy; you’ll help him or her stay steady throughout the trip, and you’ll feel good knowing that you’re taking care of your pup.

Hands-Free Trekking Belts

Those who love to trek through all sorts of terrain hands-free will probably want to consider a good hands-free trekking belt. Maybe you want to talk on the phone with a friend, or maybe you need to to join a conference call on the phone. Maybe you are going to use your hands during this adventure if you are hiking. There are many types of belts out there, so just look for the one that works best for you.

Ideally, you want a belt that won’t cause your pet to have an allergic reaction, so be mindful of the material. You also want a built-in shock absorber to help you and your dog. The absorber is there to ensure that whenever you jerk each other it doesn’t feel too harsh. Make sure it comes with pockets and other helpful features to help your type of adventures.

No-Pull Harness

A lot of leashes that people use are okay unless you are an active person with an active dog. Those leashes can become a little uncomfortable because at some point you might hurt your pup.

The jerking feels harsh and could make this fun experience a dreadful one, so consider purchasing a no-pull harness. The harness makes it much more comfortable to keep the dog on a leash. It wraps around the dog’s chest so well that you can pull your dog up if you are hiking without worrying about hurting him or her. Check to make sure that the harness can be easily secured on your dog and removed as well.

Visible Collars

If you are the kind of person who loves being active at night, then you need to make sure you can spot your dog at all times. To do this, you are going to need to consider purchasing a dog collar that isn’t only comfortable but also has reflective material.

Even if you normally stay in areas that are well lit, you never know where the night will take you, so there’s no reason to take the chance. Having a color collar doesn’t only help you but helps others see your dog. Some people simply cannot see well at night. It would be a good idea to get a dog collar made of materials that are less likely to cause an allergic reaction.

Traveling Dog Bed

One thing an active dog owner doesn’t always think about is a traveling dog bed. Those who go on adventures for days may want to consider a traveling dog bed. Look for a light bed that you can fold and carry anywhere. Having a dog bed ensures that your dog gets a good night’s rest and is ready for the adventures of tomorrow.

Remember that dogs are like you, and they need rest to help them recover from the activities you both did. Make sure the bed you choose has a little padding. Some dog beds make it difficult for a dog to feel comfortable. Be sure that the fabric is breathable to keep your dog comfortable, no matter the weather you are experiencing.

These are some accessories you and your active dog deserve. Take your time to find what you need at the right price.

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