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Doing Your Part: Steps You can Take at Home for a Cleaner Earth

With all the recent talk of environmentalism and “going green”, you may be wondering what you can do to protect the Earth. Solar panels can be costly, growing all your own food seems out of the question, and you definitely don’t want to avoid flushing the toilet. Luckily, there are several simple steps you can take to promote a cleaner Earth right at home.

The easiest way to help the planet is to get unnecessary trash out of growing landfills. Try putting two trashcans in the kitchen. Use one for food and non-recyclable items, use the other for paper, glass, and plastic. Many houses and apartment complexes provide disposal services for both trash and Edmonton recycling, but you can always take your waste to a General Recycling Industries Ltd center. Some even pay you for bringing materials in. Use your food scraps in a compost heap.

Watch Water Waste
From taking long showers and leaving the faucet running while brushing your teeth, water is wasted in most households on a daily basis. It’s incredibly easy to turn the sink off or bathe more quickly, but there are other ways water goes down the drain. Make sure leaky pipes are fixed, and you don’t over water plants and lawns. Even waiting a couple hours to turn on sprinklers can make all the difference in water loss.

Support Local Businesses
Some people have started to walk or bike to help save fuel, but most don’t think about the resources used to ship goods across the country or across the globe. Many areas have farmer’s markets that feature locally grown, organic foods that are often more affordable than grocery store counterparts. Small businesses sell handmade goods and offer local services. Check out ways you can buy locally to save fossil fuels without driving any less.

Save Paper
Paper waste has become a mindless activity. Many people toss junk mail without a second glance, or use paper towels to dry clean dishes. Try unsubscribing from direct marketing, and stop taking the newspaper if you read the stories online anyway. A kitchen towel is great to dry dishes and hands, and is reusable. Go paperless with bank statements, concert tickets, and even the phone book. While electronics may use electricity, they don’t cut down trees- just remember to unplug and turn off at night.

There are many more ways to make a cleaner earth. Get creative and see how you can reduce your environmental footprint, starting with this list.

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